Establishing Liability for Parking Lot Slip and Fall Incidents

Parking lots can require more upkeep than you might think. Weather conditions, shifting ground, and general wear and tear can cause large cracks and potholes to develop. Oil slicks, burned-out lights, and broken handrails along steps can all contribute to slip and fall injuries . If you’ve sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident in Riverside, contact a personal injury lawyer promptly. He or she can assess the merits of the case and determine which party might be held liable for your losses. In most cases, the at-fault party is the parking lot owner or the maintenance contractor. Sometimes, negligent drivers may be held liable.

Your personal injury lawyer will review all available evidence to find proof that the accident was the cause of your injuries and that the accident was the direct result of someone else’s negligence. For instance, if the parking lot owner was previously informed about a large pothole that you later tripped on, yet the owner failed to correct the hazard, then this person may be held liable.

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