• Are You Suffering from an Impacted Fracture?

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    From slip-and-falls to car accidents, broken bones are often caused by circumstances beyond our control. While broken bones aren’t usually life-threatening, they can cause significant pain and discomfort during healing. Impacted bone fractures are one of the most severe types, causing sharp, intense pain and an inability to move the affected bone. If you’ve sustained an impacted fracture in Riverside, CA due to someone else’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills, missed wages, and more. The Law Offices of Harlan B. Kistler is a personal injury law firm experienced with cases involving impacted fractures. Read on to learn more about an impacted fracture definition, causes, and symptoms before giving us a call to schedule your free initial consultation.

    What’s an Impacted Fracture? What Causes an Impacted Fracture?

    A broken bone, or fracture, may be partial or complete. Fractures may also be categorized as simple or impacted. Impacted fractures occur when a brutal force (such as that from a car accident) causes a bone to not only break but shatter. These fragmented pieces of bone are then driven into each other, leading to further injury. Impacted fractures are commonly caused by car accidents or fall from significant heights because they require extreme force or trauma. Minor falls are not usually among impacted fracture causes. Human bones are resilient, but they weaken with age, making people more susceptible to bone fractures as they age. Common impacted fractures include impacted wrist fractures, impacted radial neck fractures, impacted distal radius fractures, impacted radial head fractures, and impacted hip fractures, which may require a full hip replacement.

    Impacted Fracture Law in Riverside, CA

    What Are the Symptoms of an Impacted Bone Fracture?

    While minor bone fractures may fly under the radar and go undetected at first, impacted bone fractures are typically noticed or felt immediately. Impacted fracture x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs can diagnose the type, severity, and location of your broken bones. Seek urgent medical care if you notice any of these common impacted bone fracture symptoms after an accident:

    • Sharp, intense pain
    • Swelling, bruising, redness, or warmth
    • Tenderness to the touch
    • Tingling and numbness
    • Difficulty or inability to move the affected bone/area
    • Difficulty or inability to put weight on the affected area
    • Fragments of bone poking through the skin
    • Bleeding (if it’s an open fracture)
    • Dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness

    What Are the Most Common Impacted Fracture Treatments?

    Most bone fractures heal naturally with time and care. Many fractures require wearing a plaster cast or splint while the broken bones realign and heal themselves. Complications may occur if a bone heals in the wrong position or is disrupted during healing. You run the risk of bone deformity, bone or bone marrow infection, or bone death without proper treatment. A person’s age, health, and medical history may impact their ability to heal from an impacted bone fracture.

    Impacted fracture treatment may be based on the extent of the injury, the patient’s tolerance, and the patient’s or doctor’s preferences. Because impacted fractures are more complex than regular fractures, surgery may be needed to separate the bone fragments. Pins, rods, and other surgical hardware are often used to help support broken bones while they’re immobilized during the healing process. Physical therapy may be recommended to help the patient regain mobility and strength in the fractured area. If the impacted bone fracture is near a joint, permanent stiffness or arthritis may occur.
    Impacted Fracture Law in Riverside, CA

    Why You Need an Injury Attorney for a Broken Bone Case

    If another person’s negligence caused your impacted fracture, you should speak with a personal injury attorney to see what your case is worth. Often, insurance companies may deny claims or attempt to unfairly reduce your compensation when you try to settle without legal representation. Types of bone fracture cases that our skilled personal injury attorney may handle include:

    How Much Compensation Will I Receive for an Impacted Fracture?

    The amount of compensation you may be eligible to receive from an impacted fracture will vary based on the severity of your injury and your total losses. You may be entitled to seek past and future medical expenses, missed wages, loss of future earnings, and permanent disability, as well as compensation for general pain and suffering and lost enjoyment of life. The Law Offices of Harlan B. Kistler is adept at getting the financial compensation our clients deserve. View our client testimonials to see why Riverside residents highly recommend us.

    What Is the Filing Deadline for a Personal Injury Claim?

    In the state of California, you have two years to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit in civil court. Failure to file a claim within that timeframe may result in case ineligibility. If you accept an insurance settlement, you may also be ineligible to file a claim. Please note – different deadlines apply to personal injury claims involving government liability or negligence. You only have six months or 180 days from your impacted bone fracture injury date to file your claim. Cases involving professional negligence from a healthcare provider must be filed within three years of your personal injury date.

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