• Taking Action After an Accident or Injury

    If you’ve been injured, you should take a few steps to protect your legal rights , even if you aren’t sure whether or not you can file an accident lawsuit in Riverside. It’s important to contact an accident lawyer as soon as possible, since waiting too long to file a claim may cause you to forfeit your right to do so. Your accident lawyer will need as much evidence as you can provide about the incident and your losses.

    When you watch this video, you’ll learn about gathering the types of evidence that your accident lawyer can use to obtain compensation on your behalf. For instance, it’s always a good idea to take pictures of the scene of the incident and to obtain a copy of the police report. You should also ask eyewitnesses for their full names and contact information.

  • Protecting Your Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcyclists often choose this particular mode of transportation for the freedom it provides, not to mention the excellent gas mileage. But motorcycles do have a serious disadvantage: The lack of the fiberglass shell that protects the occupants of a car. After a motorcycle accident, it’s likely that you will accrue significant medical expenses and other losses, which you may be able to recoup by filing an accident lawsuit in Riverside. To protect your legal rights, get in contact with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. motorcycle - accident

    File a Police Report

    It should go without saying that it’s essential to call 911 after a motorcycle accident. However, if you were unconscious after the crash and were taken to a hospital, then you will need to contact the local police department later to file a police report. Be sure to get a copy of the report and share this with your motorcycle accident lawyer.

    Get Medical Care

    Assuming that you aren’t taken to the ER while unconscious, it’s essential to get to the nearest hospital after the police clear you to leave the scene. Even if you think your injuries are relatively minor, you may need medical attention for undetectable internal injuries. Plus, your motorcycle accident lawyer will need your medical records as evidence to support your legal claim.

    Follow the Doctor’s Instructions

    It’s important to pay careful attention to your doctor’s discharge instructions. Keep all follow-up appointments as recommended by your doctor and undergo all recommended medical tests. Let your doctor and your lawyer know about any new or worsening symptoms and any complications that may develop. Be sure to keep copies of all of your medical receipts, including bills for your hospitalization, diagnostics, treatments, and medications.

    Preserve the Condition of the Motorcycle

    It may be tempting to rush your motorcycle to the repair shop as quickly as possible. But actually, your motorcycle accident attorney may ask that you preserve the post-crash condition of your bike. This is because your attorney may hire accident reconstruction experts. Additionally, the damaged bike is a convincing piece of evidence in the event that the lawsuit goes to trial.

  • Who Is Responsible In A Slip And Fall Case?

    Countless people slip and fall every day, but in some cases the accident could be the fault of another person. This is known as premise liability. If you slip and fall outside of your own home and you feel someone else could be responsible, you have the right to consult a personal injury attorney. A lawyer in Riverside, CA, who handles slip and fall cases can review the issues at hand to determine if someone else might be held liable for your losses.

    Assessing Duty of Care

    To determine who might be held responsible for your accident, your slip and fall lawyer will assess which party might have held a duty to you to exercise reasonable care. For example, if you are inside a restaurant or retail store, then the store manager or owner may hold a duty of care to you. If you are in the common areas of your apartment building, then the building manager may owe the duty of care.

    Proving Breach of Duty

    It is not sufficient to identify the party who owed a duty of care to you. Your slip and fall attorney must also prove that this person breached the duty of care. For example, if you’re shopping in a retail store, place your handbag on the floor, and then trip over your handbag, then the store manager has not breached a duty of care. Rather, you created the tripping hazard. However, if the store manager spilled cleaning fluid on the floor and failed to clean it up within a timely manner, then he or she might be held liable for breaching a duty of care owed to you.

    Proving Damages

    Many falls occur without inflicting harm. After identifying the party who had a duty of care and breached this duty, your attorney must then demonstrate that the breach of duty directly led to your damages or losses. Medical records that demonstrate your diagnosis and treatment shortly after the accident are very helpful in proving your damages.

    Evaluating Comparative Negligence

    California is a comparative negligence state. This means that even if you could be considered to be partially at fault for the accident, the person who breached a duty of care toward you might be held liable for a percentage of the accident. In this case, your compensation could be adjusted accordingly.

  • A Look at Government Liability Cases

    You might already know that if you’re involved in a car wreck that was the fault of the other driver, you have the right to pursue legal recourse against that party with the help of personal injury attorneys in Riverside, CA. But what happens if the other party was driving a government vehicle? In these cases, it’s best to consult a car accident lawyer who has experience with government liability cases . You do still have the right to pursue compensation from an at-fault city, state, or federal government entity. Similarly, a car accident lawyer can help hold government entities liable for crashes that occur with other private citizens due to dangerous intersections, lack of traffic signage, and other problems that were the responsibility of the municipality.

    Government liability cases extend well beyond auto crashes. Accident attorneys may file a lawsuit in the wake of civil rights violations committed by law enforcement officers. They may also sue for injuries caused by the negligence of public schools or public school districts. And since slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, an attorney can step in to help if you fall on public property or in government buildings because of someone else’s negligence.

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