• What Are Private Nuisance Lawsuits?

    You are entitled to the right to use your private property without interference, or nuisance. Private nuisance lawsuits deal with this right to use your own space without any unreasonable obstructions. If you believe that a person or entity is interfering with your enjoyment of your property, an attorney in Riverside can help you file a private nuisance complaint.

    Private nuisance lawsuits may arise between neighbors when one neighbor claims that the other neighbor’s actions are preventing him or her from getting the full enjoyment of his or her home. For example, if a neighbor installs a bright light that shines in your bedroom all night and refuses to make any adjustments, your lawyer may recommend that you file a private nuisance case. Other actions, such as pollution of your property, excessive sound, or extreme and ongoing foul odors, can also fall into the category of private nuisances. Discuss your situation with an attorney to determine if your circumstances meet the criteria for filing a private nuisance lawsuit.

    Private Nuisance Lawsuits in Riverside, CA