• Signs You Need to Hire a Lawyer

    Whether you are defending your actions or seeking compensation for a personal injury, knowing when to hire a personal injury lawyer is important. Working with a personal injury law firm in Riverside, CA , can help you better understand your rights and ensure you receive proper consideration during a trial.

    In this video, you will learn a few signs that you should hire a personal injury attorney for help or advice. If you are charged with responsibility for an accident or crime that resulted in a personal injury, it is always best to work with an accident attorney for the support and advice you need to develop a solid defense. In addition, any time there are witnesses involved or evidence needed to present your case, a personal injury lawyer can help you handle these important steps to ensure that nothing is missed during a trial or negotiation.

  • Take These Steps After a Slip and Fall Accident

    Falls are one of the leading causes of emergency room visits in the United States, and they are often attributable to neglected property maintenance or poor walkway design. If you do suffer a fall, you may be entitled to compensation from the owner of the property where the injury took place, but you will need to take several key steps to ensure that you are able to build a successful personal injury case following your slip and fall accident near Riverside, CA. Read on to see what you should do after you sustain injuries from a fall in a public place or on someone else’s property. Slip and Fall Accident

    Seek Medical Attention

    Falls can lead to serious injuries, so you will not want to hesitate to seek medical attention. When you visit the ER or urgent care center, be sure to get thorough documentation of the visit so that you can discuss the exact nature of your injuries with an attorney later on.

    Report the Incident

    While your medical care should take priority after a fall, it is important to report the incident to the appropriate parties. If your fall occurs in a store, speak to the manager and ask to see security footage if it is available.

    Document as Much as Possible

    In addition to reporting your slip and fall injury to a property owner or manager, you will want to gather as much documentation of the event as possible. If there are witnesses to your fall, try to get their contact information so that you might use their testimony later on. You should also keep thorough details of any medical care following the accident, as the costs of your care will be highly influential in determining your settlement.

    Talk to an Attorney

    Even if you are not sure who may be at fault for your fall or you do not know if you have a case, it is best to speak to an attorney about your accident. You should not have to be held financially responsible for medical care and time lost at work when you suffer an injury caused by negligence, so schedule a free consultation with a local personal injury attorney to see how you may seek compensation.

  • Looking at the Causes of Truck Accidents


    If you suffer an automobile accident in Riverside that involves a commercial truck, there are many possible causes for the accident that might be considered during a personal injury case. While truck drivers are supposed to be among the most skilled and cautious drivers on the road, they are often held to unrealistic standards when it comes to the number of hours worked in a shift and the timeline of a given delivery. As a result, truckers often end up driving more hours than they should in a workday, which can lead to fatigue and distraction on the road.

    When it comes to truck accidents , there may be more parties at fault than the driver himself. Trucking companies may be pursued in personal injury cases when the cause of the accident was related to improper maintenance, faulty equipment, or failure to follow inspection protocols. Regardless of the specific causes of your truck accident, you should not hesitate to discuss the collision with a personal injury lawyer to explore whether or not you might seek financial compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one in a truck accident.

    Truck Accidents


  • Reducing Your Risk for a Motorcycle Crash

    Motorcyclists face unique risks on the road, because they are often not highly visible to other drivers. As a motorcyclist, there are a few strategies that you can use to reduce your risk of an accident that might cause you to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer serving Riverside, CA.

    This video discusses some of the most helpful tips for reducing the risk of an accident while riding. The most important tip is to assume that you are not seen by other drivers so that you have a plan to get out of potentially dangerous situations safely. Watch the whole video for more collision prevention guidelines, and don’t hesitate to speak to an attorney if you have been the victim of injuries related to a motorcycle accident.

  • Tips for Protecting Your Right to Compensation After a Car Accident


    Car accidents are a common occurrence on the road, but they can be a big disruption in your life when they lead to injuries and significant damage to your property. If you have been in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation, which you might seek with the help of a personal injury lawyer serving Riverside, CA . While auto insurance is designed to cover the costs of injuries and property damage, insurance companies will often try to settle at the lowest cost possible, leaving you struggling to pay medical bills or have your car properly fixed. Below, you can see what you will need to do to ensure that you are able to file a personal injury case after an auto accident when insurance is not enough to cover the damage.

    Personal Injury Lawyer in Riverside

    Keep an Accurate Record of the Accident

    It is a good idea to keep a disposable camera or charged cell phone handy so that you can take pictures of the scene of the accident, which will be reliable in backing up your recollection of the accident. You might also talk to witnesses, file a police report, and make a statement with your insurance provider as soon as possible to establish an accurate record for your case.

    Never Admit Fault

    You should speak carefully after a car accident, because a simple statement may imply that you are at fault for the accident, and this could be used against you as you look for compensation to cover your expenses. You’ll also want to stand firm in following appropriate procedures after the accident, even if the other driver offers to settle under the table or suggests skipping a call to the police.

    Seek Medical Attention

    Even if you do not have severe injuries, you should see a doctor after a car accident. Injuries like whiplash may not have substantial symptoms at first, but they can worsen and cause long-term complications that will cause medical expenses to stack up.