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When you or a loved one have experienced a personal injury or abuse due to negligence, non-adherence to regulations, or the direct actions of a caretaker or employee at a nursing home or elder care facility, you or your loved one deserves to be compensated and to see the person responsible held accountable for their actions.  

Whether you (or your loved one) are facing medical bills, abuse, harassment, emotional strain, or stress as a result of the actions of another person, it’s important that you take action. That’s where we come in. Our highly experienced Riverside personal injury lawyer may be able to secure financial compensation from the negligent or abusive party on behalf of the elderly or incapacitated victim.

We are just a phone call away—reach out to our team to discuss your legal options moving forward after you are injured, abused, or become aware of apparent injury or abuse. Depending on the type of injury or assault, and the laws that protect you as a citizen of your city, you may face a time limitation in which you must report your injury—don’t hesitate! Call us today for a complimentary consultation to explore any action that may benefit you and your family.  

Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Neglect Attorney in Riverside, CA

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Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Abuse cases in the State of California must be reported within a certain amount of time of the injury or abuse occurring. This period of time depends on many factors, including how the injury was discovered, when it was thought to occur, when it actually occurred, and who is thought to be at fault. Don’t wait to call a qualified and skilled personal injury attorney until it is too late to pursue legal action. Call us right away so we can discuss your potential compensation. 

If you or your loved one were abused, neglected, or injured, you may be wondering how to determine if the caretaker will be considered at fault. The most conservative approach to take is to file a claim as soon as possible after the injury (or after the injury is discovered). That’s because the statute of limitations is quite short, and depends on available information, evidence, and reporting. The only way to properly file a claim and to protect your rights after a personal injury is to hire a good attorney. Call us today. 

Common cases for nursing home negligence  

Have you or your loved one been injured from the result of abuse or negligence in a nursing home? You may be wondering whether your case falls under the “Elder Abuse or Nursing Home Negligence” category. Take a look at some of the most common reasons cases are brought against nursing homes or elder care homes:  

  • Injury resulting from a failure to properly monitor or supervise the resident of a nursing home or elder care home. 
  • Injury resulting from a failure to keep the nursing home or elder care facility clean for the resident. Uncleanliness can result in injury and disease development. 
  • Injury resulting from failing to provide the nursing home resident with regular meals that meet their dietary needs and allow them to thrive.  
  • Injury resulting from the caretaker leaving the resident in bed or in a wheelchair for longer than is considered safe for that resident.  
  • Injury or assault related to physical abuse or sexual abuse toward the resident or elder living in a nursing home.  
  • Verbal threats or abuse from the caretaker toward the resident of a nursing home or elder home. 
  • Coercing or pressuring the resident of a nursing home or elder care facility into transferring or giving the offender money, valuables, or property (or other forms of financial abuse). 

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