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Do you have a loved one who was neglected or abused while he or she was a resident of a nursing home? If so, The Law Offices of Harlan B. Kistler can help you take action against the caregivers and / or owners of the nursing home facility. Our highly experienced Riverside personal injury lawyer may be able to secure financial compensation from the negligent or abusive party on behalf of the elderly or incapacitated victim.

Nursing home negligence occurs when the caregiver or worker at the facility fails to use the appropriate level of caution in his or her job and therefore causes harm to the resident. Abuse is more intentional, such as when the caregiver or worker causes intentional harm to the victim.

Here are a few of the many ways that elder abuse or nursing home negligence can be carried out:

  • Failing to properly monitor or supervise the nursing home resident
  • Failing to keep the resident or his or her living area clean
  • Failing to provide the resident with regular meals that meet his or her dietary needs
  • Leaving the resident in bed or in a wheelchair for too long
  • Physically abusing or sexually assaulting the resident or elder
  • Verbally threatening or abusing the resident or elder
  • Coercing the resident or elder into giving the offender money or property (financial abuse)

Abuse of elderly or incapacitate individuals should never be tolerated! Call our firm at (951) 688-7000 so we can provide you and your family with the aggressive legal advocacy you need in your case.

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