What to Expect During Your First Slip and Fall Attorney Consultation

A slip and fall accident can lead to serious injuries and substantial losses, including medical bills and missed time at work. Sometimes, victims are left permanently disabled and unable to work. Slip and fall accident survivors in Riverside have legal recourse available to them. If you’re considering filing a lawsuit to obtain compensation, you’ll meet with your slip and fall lawyer during an initial consultation. attorney - consultation

Reviewing Your Case

The main purposes of the initial consultation are to allow the personal injury lawyer to determine if there is the basis for filing a lawsuit and to allow you to decide if you do wish to move forward with the case. First, your personal injury lawyer will ask you some basic questions about the incident. He or she may also have you fill out a questionnaire. Some of the information your lawyer will need might include:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • Names of eyewitnesses
  • Causes of the fall
  • Symptoms and medical diagnoses
  • Economic losses (e.g., medical bills)

It’s important to share all details about the incident with your lawyer, even if you don’t think that they’re important to the case. For example, you should tell your lawyer what you were doing immediately prior to the fall and how much time passed before you sought medical attention.

Identifying the Evidence

Your lawyer will need all of the physical evidence that may support your claims. You may be asked to sign a release form to allow the lawyer access to your medical records. If you took pictures of the area where you fell, these can prove immensely helpful for your case. Let your lawyer know if you noticed surveillance cameras in the area.

Answering Your Questions

Another component of the initial consultation is making sure you have the information you need to decide whether to pursue the case. Consider bringing a list of questions with you to the consultation, along with some blank paper for taking notes. You might want to ask the lawyer about his or her prior experience handling slip and fall accident cases or you might want to ask what you can expect from the litigation process.