Understanding the Differences Between Civil and Criminal Law

Criminal and civil law are quite different. If you’re involved in an accident or similar situation, you can turn to a personal injury lawyer in Riverside to handle your civil law case. On the other hand, if criminal charges are brought against you, you would require the services of a criminal defense lawyer. There are many other differences between these areas of the law, which you can learn about by watching this featured video and consulting your personal injury lawyer.

This professional explains that criminal cases like burglary charges and civil cases like slip and fall accidents proceed in different court systems. However, it is possible for one incident to cause separate cases to proceed in both courts. For example, O.J. Simpson was infamously found not guilty of murder in a criminal court, but he was found liable for wrongful death in a civil court. The outcome of one case is not binding on the other. In fact, your personal injury lawyer has a lower standard of evidence to meet than a criminal lawyer would.