O.J. Simpson: Understanding an Infamous Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In 1994, the country was horrified to learn of the violent deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Simpson’s ex-husband, former NFL player O.J. Simpson, was acquitted of the murders. However, a civil lawsuit was brought against him and he was found liable for wrongful death. There are significant differences between verdicts in criminal cases and the outcomes of wrongful death accident lawsuits. If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s actions, you can consult an accident lawyer in Riverside to discuss how an accident lawsuit would proceed differently from a criminal case.

As you’ll learn when you watch this featured video, a verdict in a criminal trial is not binding on a civil accident lawsuit. One of O.J. Simpson’s defense lawyers points out that the burden of proof is different. In a criminal case, a defendant must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil accident lawsuit, a defendant must be found liable by a preponderance of the evidence.