Why It’s Important to Get Medical Care After an Accident?

After sustaining injuries in any type of accident, it’s vitally important that you seek medical care right away. An accident causes the release of adrenaline and other hormones, which can temporarily mask your pain and other symptoms. This means that you could be more seriously injured than you initially realize. In addition to protecting your health, there are legal reasons why you should get medical care right away. If you consult an accident lawyer in Riverside , he or she will need access to your medical records before filing an accident lawsuit. The other party may try to impugn your credibility if you delayed seeking medical care; this could compromise the result of your accident lawsuit.

On the other hand, getting medical care right away can support the claims made in your accident lawsuit. When you arrive at the medical center, be sure to inform your medical providers that you were just involved in an accident and that your injuries were caused by it. Be your own patient advocate by proactively asking about imaging studies and other medical tests. Lastly, follow your doctor’s discharge instructions and keep your accident lawyer updated about any changes in your health.

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