A Quick Look at Suing a Business

A business might be held liable for slip and fall injuries that occurred on its property, provided the owner was negligent in preventing the incident. Before a personal injury lawyer in Riverside can file a slip and fall lawsuit on your behalf, he or she needs to determine who the defendant is. Businesses that are sole proprietorships are owned and operated by one person, and it’s this person—not the business itself—that can be sued.

Your slip and fall attorney might determine that the business is run as a partnership. Each partner is legally responsible for the business, and so each person would be named as a defendant. Corporations are different. They are separate, legal entities. Your legal counsel would file the lawsuit against the legal name of that corporation. A limited partnership is treated the same as a corporation for the purpose of naming a defendant. Of course, even if you’re suing a corporation or limited partnership, there could be multiple defendants, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit